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4G Hats

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Hat List
Imperian Helm Sunny Hat Mercury Hat Big Bunny Head Ocean Hairband Aquarius Circlet Blue Pop Cap Shining Crystal Helmet
In-Game In-Game Event MyShop MyShop Event/Box Gacha 4G Egg Shop Unique


4G Hats

4G Card Jr

IconNameLevelStatsSlotsCompoundable Stats
Image:Solar Helmet.gifSolar Helmet Jr.50AC +4 MA +4 MD +4 DA +3 LK +3 DP +3 HV +33MA, DA, LK, HV

4G Card 2

IconNameLevelStatsSlotsCompoundable Stats
Image:Aquarius Circlet.gifAquarius Circlet170MD +41 DA +14 LK +8 DP +82 HV +103DA, LK, HV

4G Card 3

IconNameLevelStatsSlotsCompoundable Stats
Image:Solar Helmet.gifSolar Helmet100AC +8 MA +8 AC +7 DA +6 LK +7 DP +16 HV +63AC, DA, LK
Image:Bronze Warrior's Helmet.gifBronze Warrior's Helmet120AC +11 MD +24 DA +7 LK +6 DP +363MA, DA, LK, HV
Image:Silver Light Helm.gifSilver Light Helm140AC +11 MA +12 MD +16 DA +9 DP +163AC, DA, MA
Image:Weber Headgear.gifWeber Headgear150AC +14 MD +32 DA +9 LK +8 DP +483AC, DA, LK
Image:Nocturnal Hat.gifNocturnal Hat180AC +16 MA +15 MD +48 LK +8 DP +483AC, DA, MA
Image:Morte Helm.gifMorte Helm190MP +600 MA +18 MD +64 LK +13 DP +323MP, DA, LK
Image:Tsunami Helm.gifTsunami Helm200AC +15 MD +64 DA +16 LK +9 DP +643AC, MA, DA, LK, Water Resist
Image:Reyes Circlet.gifReyes Circlet210MP +660 MA +19 MD +48 DP +64 HV +173MP, MA, HV
Image:Inferno Helm.gifInferno Helm220AC +15 MA +14 MD +32 DA +12 LK +9 DP +643AC, DA, MA, Fire Attribute
Image:Tempest Circlet.gifTempest Circlet220AC +20 MD +44 DA +13 LK +11 DP +643AC, DA, LK
Image:Nereus Hairband.gifNereus Hairband230MP +500 MA +13 MD +132 DP +68 HV +83MP, MA, HV
Image:Helm of Light.gifHelm of Light240AC +10 MA +18 MD +64 DA +10 DP +643AC, MA, DA

4G Event Hat

IconNameLevelStatsSlotsCompoundable StatsObtained
Image:Rudolph Cap.gifRudolph Cap100AC +7 MD +16 HP +300 DP +32 HV +83AC, HP, HVGacha Event

Pia Exchange

IconNameLevelStatsSlotsCompoundable StatsObtained
Image:Black Angel's Headband.gifBlack Angel's Headband40AC +3 MD +8 HP +150 DP +16 HV +33AC, MD, HP, HVPia
Image:Black Angel's Headband.gifBlack Angel's Headband120AC +7 MD +36 HP +450 DP +16 HV +33AC, MD, HP, HVPia
Image:Black Angel's Headband.gifBlack Angel's Bonnet40MA +5 MD +16 LK +2 DP +83MA, DA, LKPia
Image:Black Angel's Headband.gifDark Angel's Bonnet120MA +15 MD +48 LK +6 DP +243MA, DA, LKPia

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