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Ancient Steel

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Physical Refine Stones
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Bronze Bronze Tin Tin Sulfur Sulfur Ancient Steel Ancient Steel Lead Lead Soft Iron Soft Iron
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Adamantite Adamantite Stibnite Stibnite Okenite Okenite Scolecite Scolecite Pyrrhotite Pyrrhotite Jadarite Jadarite

Ancient Steel

Image:Old Steel.png

Image:Old Steel.gif
Compound Ability Weight Value Required Time
None 330 11,887 Lv.0 N/A
A rare piece of steel from well before steel was commonly made. It is believed to be magical and excellent for refining.
Refining item. For items level 70 and below.
How to Obtain

Drill in 1st Mining Lot of Jade Steel.

Used for
Tradable Bankable Droppable Sellable (to NPC)
Yes Yes Yes Yes

Equipment Equipments Pets Pets Drills Drills Use Items Use/Etc. Items Image:Apricot Dart.gif Ammunition

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