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Card Quest & Skill Mastery Items List

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Mastery items (except cards) might be outdated. Please confirm all non-card mastery items.

Important cards needed throughout Trickster Online. Broken down into categories by Location.

Power indicates Power Type Skills, Magic indicates Magic Type Skills, Sense indicates Sense Type Skills, Charm indicates Charm Type Skills.


Coral Beach

Clione Card Clione Card

Desert Beach / Pyramid Dungeon

Hula Octopus Card Hula Octopus Card

Silver G Card Silver G Card

Oran G Card Oran G Card

Gold G Card Gold G Card

Mummy Card Mummy Card

Nephthys Nephthys Card

Book of the Dead Book of the Dead (Drill in Pyramid Dungeon)

Nephthys Song Nephthys Song (Nephthys)

Megalopolis / Poppuri Dungeon

Sppo Card Sppo Card

Forest Mantis Card Forest Mantis Card

Koom Card Koom Card

Turvy Card Turvy Card

Larva Card Larva Card

Royal Jelly Royal Jelly (Forest Wasp)

Caballa Relics / Relics Dungeon

Mimic Card Mimic Card

Chibcha Card Chibcha Card

Chimu Card Chimu Card

Guiana Card Guiana Card

Lima Card Lima Card

Malachite Malachite (Drill in Caballa Relics Dungeon)

Oops Wharf

Ironclad Turtle Card Ironclad Turtle Card

Requi Card Requi Card

Quiem Card Quiem Card

Crow Card Crow Card

Black Foe Card Black Foe Card

Phantom School / Phantom Dungeon

Inky Muck Card Inky Muck Card

Shadow Card Shadow Card

Daze Card Daze Card

Fried Egg Fried Egg (Egg Specter)

Red Rosary Red Rosary (Ugly Corpse)

Old Hand Knife Old Hand Knife (Maiden Ghost)

Mermaid Palace / Mermaid Dungeon

Mermaid Little Card Mermaid Little Card

Water Weed Witch Card Water Weed Witch Card

Chele Card Chele Card

Officer Surapat Card Officer Surapat Card

Officer Akto Card Officer Okto Card

Rose Garden / Vamp Castle

Beast Vincento Card Beast Vincento Card

Kerberos Card Kerberos Card

Bone Magician Card Bone Magician Card

Dancer Michel Card Dancer Michel Card

Dancer Isabelle Card Dancer Isabelle Card

Captain Charman Card Captain Charman Card

Captain Arman Card Captain Arman Card

Madam Chiffon Card Madam Chiffon Card

Maid Lydia Card Maid Lydia Card

Silver-Colored Mantle Silver-Colored Mantle (Captain Arman)

Aristocratic Fan Aristocratic Fan (Madam Chiffon)

Ball Joint Ball Joint (Dancer Michel)

Black Swamp / Swamp Dungeon

Electric Snail Card Electric Snail Card

Mud Bigfoot Card Mud Bigfoot Card

Myconid Card Myconid Card

Stoor Worm Card Stoor Worm Card

Slithis Card Slithis Card

Cobra Flower Card Cobra Flower Card

Purple Worm Card Purple Worm Card

L. Wormhole Card L. Wormhole Card

Slug G Card Slug G Card

Tooth Flower Card Tooth Flower Card

Squishy Mud Squishy Mud (Walking Tadpole)

Mingo Toy Mingo Toy (Mingo)

Colored Paper Colored Paper (Chameleon Frog)

Silk Thread Silk Thread (Arachne)

Swamp Shark's Fin Swamp Shark's Fin (Swamp Shark)

Thorn Stem Thorn Stem (Mud Bigfoot)

Snow Hill / Blue Ice Dungeon

Bug Bear Card Bug Bear Card

Ice Cream Card Ice Cream Card

Freyja Card Freyja Card

Great Coolem Card Great Coolem Card

Red Woolen Yarn Red Woolen Yarn (Snowkid)

Techichi Volcano

Roaster Card Roaster Card

Orpeo Card Orpeo Card

Dekumanus Card Dekumanus Card

Tapasco Volcano

Red Salamander Card + Blue Salamander Card Red Salamander Card, Blue Salamander Card

Funky Orc Card Funky Orc Card

Fire Golem Card Fire Golem Card

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