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The basics: Skill builds for the common Trickster by Atrophy.

Because all of you ask the same questions, and I keep reiterating the same builds over and over, I've decided to compile all of my builds into a single thread. Of course, I won't have a build for every person, and you are open to shifting the build to your leisure, but these are GENERAL guidelines. These builds are a lot more up-to-date as to what I think will best suit you for the upcoming third job class, however, certain out of the way builds will not follow these guides; i.e., Pure DP Cat.

Couple of thingers. o.o 1. All of these builds have been written to be guides, and help you learn more about the character themselves. 2. Use the Search Function before asking a question in here. 3. Yes, the skills are in the order as they appear. 4. Don't ask which build is best, or I will threaten to kill you. (Yes, threatening to threaten.) 5. I have also listed links to skill descriptions, so if that's what you want, click on the job name underneath each section. Mind you, the formulas there are incorrect. 6. A more reliable source for formulas would be in *Zeg's calculator. 7. If there are any crossed out builds, the builds are usually outdated and I will be rewriting them. You can, however, still use the build and it should be effecient.

Now that that's out of the way, here goes.


Jobs  : Fighter - Warrior - Gladiator / Mercenary


Jobs  : Schoolgirl - Boxer - Champion / Duelist


Jobs  : Shaman - Magician - Dark Lord / Priest / Wizard


Jobs : Librarian - Bard - Soulmaster / Witch


Skill Descriptions  : Engineer - Inventor - Scientist / Cyber Hunter


Skill Descriptions  : Archaelogist - Explorer - Thief Master / Hunter Lord


Skill Descriptions  : Student Teacher - Card Master - Gambler / Duke


Skill Descriptions  : Model - Entertainer - Primadonna / Diva

There are a couple of links that are missing because they are builds that a lot of players figure out on their own, or just aren't asked of me very often. If someone asks, and I end up tagging the build, I will add it here.

Hope this helps everyone~


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