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Fabilsag G

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Fabilsag G

Fabilsag G

Fabilsag G
Type Level Weakness Resistance
Power 110 Gun Physical
Mirage Island Field 1 - Alteo
Aggressive Elemental Attribute HP AP MA DP MD GD
Yes Earth Earth 20% 5,285 490 ? 604 721 60
Name Level Name Level
Lacerator Lacerator 3 Berserker Berserker
Damage Tolerance
Physical Magic Gun Fire Water Air Soil Electric Light Dark Shadow
78% 86% 78% 86% 87% 86% 86% 86% 86% 86% ?
Monster/Party Quest

Name Use %
Fabilsag G Card Fabilsag G Card Card Identification Very Rare
Fabilsag's Stinger Fabilsag's Stinger Kahlihara - Witch's Deadly Poison
Light Filled Egg - Birth of the Early Tricksters
Panacea Panacea Monkey T - Monkey T's Request
Compound: Compounder Paul - Fatigue Medicine
Pink Potion C Pink Potion C Recovery: 500 HP Common
Blue Potion C Blue Potion C Recovery: 500 MP Common

Old Sabre Old Sabre Sword (Lv.110)
Compound: Compounder Vin - Powerful Sabre
Exchange: Trader Pav - Morph Sabre
Sharp Sabre Sharp Sabre Sword (Lv.110) Very Rare
Art Sabre Art Sabre Sword (Lv.110) Very Rare
Old Kukri Old Kukri Knife (Lv.110)
Compound: Compounder Vin - Powerful Kukri
Exchange: Trader Pav - Morph Kukri
Sharp Kukri Sharp Kukri Knife (Lv.110) Very Rare
Art Kukri Art Kukri Knife (Lv.110) Very Rare
Old Battle Rod Old Battle Rod Cane (Lv.110)
Compound: Compounder Vin - Powerful Battle Rod
Exchange: Trader Pav - Morph Battle Rod
Moon Battle Rod Moon Battle Rod Cane (Lv.110) Very Rare
Art Battle Rod Art Battle Rod Cane (Lv.110) Very Rare
Old Milli-Gun Old Milli-Gun Gun (Lv.110)
Compound: Compounder Vin - Powerful Milli-Gun
Exchange: Trader Pav - Morph Milli-Gun
Strong Milli-Gun Strong Milli-Gun Gun (Lv.110) Very Rare
Art Milli-Gun Art Milli-Gun Gun (Lv.110) Very Rare
Old Knight Shield Old Knight Shield Shield (Lv.110)
Compound: Compounder Vin - Powerful Knight Shield
Exchange: Trader Pav - Morph Knight Shield
Strong Knight Shield Strong Knight Shield Shield (Lv.110) Very Rare
Art Knight Shield Art Knight Shield Shield (Lv.110) Very Rare
Triangular Object Triangular Object Compound: Compounder Nadia - Super Cross Spear, Super Hook Spear, Super Three-Pointed Spear Common
AP Stone 110 AP Stone 110 Compound: AP +74~193 (Lv.110) Very Rare
AC Stone 110 AC Stone 110 Compound: AC +4~12 (Lv.110) Very Rare
DX Stone 110 DX Stone 110 Compound: DX -2~-5 (Lv.110) Very Rare
MP Stone 110 MP Stone 110 Compound: MP +561~1,452 (Lv.110) Very Rare
MA Stone 110 MA Stone 110 Compound: MA +4~12 (Lv.110) Very Rare
MD Stone 110 MD Stone 110 Compound: MD +74~193 (Lv.110) Very Rare
WT Stone 110 WT Stone 110 Compound: WT +1,496~3,782 (Lv.110) Very Rare
DA Stone 110 DA Stone 110 Compound: DA +4~12 (Lv.110) Very Rare
LK Stone 110 LK Stone 110 Compound: LK +4~12 (Lv.110) Very Rare
HP Stone 110 HP Stone 110 Compound: HP +561~1,452 (Lv.110) Very Rare
DP Stone 110 DP Stone 110 Compound: DP +74~193 (Lv.110) Very Rare
HV Stone 110 HV Stone 110 Compound: HV +4~12 (Lv.110) Very Rare
Air Crystal 110 Air Crystal 110 Compound: Air Attr +19~52% (Lv.110) Very Rare
Water Crystal 110 Water Crystal 110 Compound: Water Attr +19~52% (Lv.110) Very Rare
Fire Crystal 110 Fire Crystal 110 Compound: Fire Attr +19~52% (Lv.110) Very Rare
Soil Crystal 110 Soil Crystal 110 Compound: Soil Attr +19~52% (Lv.110) Very Rare
Electric Crystal 110 Electric Crystal 110 Compound: Electric Attr +19~52% (Lv.110) Very Rare
Light Crystal 110 Light Crystal 110 Compound: Light Attr +19~52% (Lv.110) Very Rare
Dark Crystal 110 Dark Crystal 110 Compound: Dark Attr +19~52% (Lv.110) Very Rare
Air Resist Crystal 110 Air Resist Crystal 110 Compound: Air Resist +13~31% (Lv.110) Very Rare
Water Resist Crystal 110 Water Resist Crystal 110 Compound: Water Resist +13~31% (Lv.110) Very Rare
Fire Resist Crystal 110 Fire Resist Crystal 110 Compound: Fire Resist +13~31% (Lv.110) Very Rare
Soil Resist Crystal 110 Soil Resist Crystal 110 Compound: Soil Resist +13~31% (Lv.110) Very Rare
Elec Resist Crystal 110 Elec Resist Crystal 110 Compound: Elec Resist +13~31% (Lv.110) Very Rare
Light Resist Crystal 110 Light Resist Crystal 110 Compound: Light Resist +13~31% (Lv.110) Very Rare
Dark Resist Crystal 110 Dark Resist Crystal 110 Compound: Dark Resist +13~31% (Lv.110) Very Rare
Critical Metal 110 Critical Metal 110 Compound: Critical +5~19% (Lv.110) Very Rare
Block Metal 110 Block Metal 110 Compound: Block +4~17% (Lv.110) Very Rare

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