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Golden Ash Mine 2

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Golden Ash
Mine 2

Golden Ash Mine 2


Portal/Transfer to
1 Techichi Volcano - Golden Ash
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Drill Information
Depth: 185 ~ 250m
Soil: Rock
Name Use %
Card Hunter's Diary Card Hunter's Diary Book
Exchange: Aria - Star Dust & Angel's Tear
Very Rare
Fiesta Ticket Fiesta Ticket Transfer to Fiesta Rare
Spinel Fragment Spinel Fragment Refine Magic Equipment Lv.201~240 (Refine Lv.1~4)
Compound: Blacksmith Marx - Spinel Gem
Spinel Gem Spinel Gem Refine Magic Equipment Lv.201~240 (Refine Lv.5~7)
Compound: Blacksmith Marx - Flawless Spinel
Flawless Spinel Flawless Spinel Refine Magic Equipment Lv.201~240 (Refine Lv.8~10)
Blacksmith Marx - Golden Ash Mine Collection
Hyacinth Fragment Hyacinth Fragment Refine Magic Equipment Lv.241~280 (Refine Lv.1~4)
Compound: Blacksmith Marx - Hyacinth Gem
Hyacinth Gem Hyacinth Gem Refine Magic Equipment Lv.241~280 (Refine Lv.5~7)
Compound: Blacksmith Marx - Flawless Hyacinth
Flawless Hyacinth Flawless Hyacinth Refine Magic Equipment Lv.241~280 (Refine Lv.8~10)
Zircon Zircon Refine Magic Equipment Lv.131~200 (Refine Lv.11~13)
Alexandrite Alexandrite Refine Magic Equipment Lv.241~400 (Refine Lv.11~13)

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