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Guild Colosseum Lobby
Guild Colosseum Lobby

GvG (Guild versus Guild, also known as Guild Battles) it's a PvP mode but with the capability to face much more players than simple PvP and are when Guilds compete against each other and in special quests for guild points and prizes.

Guild battles utilize a system where the guild can battle on a private field. In victory a GB point is awarded to the winning guild. Guilds are ranked by the amount of points they win.

A guild master or one with equal authority must be on the battle map. A minimum of 5 guild members must be on the map.

Guild battles take place in the Guild Colosseum. To enter the Guild Colosseum Lobby you must speak with Guard Gilbert (NPC), and pay a 50 galder fee. The required level to enter the coliseum is level 2 or higher. Spectators can also enter the Colosseum.


Battle Modes

Team Match:

General guild battle style. Two opposing guilds battle against each other trying to gather as many KO's as possible. Once one side is completely defeated, the guild respawns.

Team Death Match:

In this mode, once you get KO'ed you are permanently removed from the battle and do not respawn. Once one side has been completely defeated, the side with remaining players wins. While KO'ed you are still allowed to observe the battle.

Boss Battle:

In this mode, your guild goes up against a boss class monster. You are scored on how fast you defeat the boss. There are 5 different types of bosses on the map which reflect the actual real bosses’ in-game. The bosses spawn corresponding to their in-game levels. So basically "Tutankhamen G" always spawns first, and Spicy Dragon would be the last to appear. The first guild to defeat the boss gets to pick which boss spawns next. There are special "Recall Tiles", where a guild member can stand for 5 seconds; the corresponding boss will be spawned. Unless there is a time restriction to defeat the current boss, anyone from either guild (whoever gets to the recall tile first) can choose which boss to spawn next. Boss spawn locations differ slightly from their actual counterparts. The space key can be used in battle to verify the present war situation. Each boss gives a different score when defeated.

Level Battle:

In this mode of battle, level restrictions on players are placed. Victory in this type of battle does not award GB Points.

Battle Maps

School Coliseum

Image:TO Battle_School.jpg

Cave Coliseum

Image:TO Battle_Cave.jpg

Volcano Coliseum

Image:TO Battle_Volcano.jpg

Nora Sewers Coliseum

Image:TO Battle_Nora.jpg

Boss Battle Coliseum

Image:TO Battle_Boss.jpg

Oriental Coliseum

Image:TO Oriental_Map.jpg

Additional Info:

1,000G is awarded from the losing guild to the winning guild.
The guild master can choose how many people participate in the battle; options are 5, 8, 16. The minimum is 5 people.
Damage magnification ratio in guild battles is 50%
The winning guild is awarded the "Crest of Fighting Spirit". The stat boosts are given to everyone in the guild that has possession of the MVP award. Stats: AP +32, MA +2, DA +2, HV +2.

Map images are from the jwiki. The images found along the right side of the page are from
Boss Name Points Value
Tutankhamen G 1
Tombeth G 3
Count Blood G 7
Predator G 14
Spicy Dragon G 40
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