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How to Obtain 3rd Job Skills

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From time to time, new skills are added to the game, for all classes. The 2nd Job skills are really easy to get, as you only have to buy them from your Job Master. But it gets a little bit tricky when it comes to 3rd Job Skills (only for Pure Jobs): some of them were initially released along with the whole 3rd Job Advancement process; these ones are obtainable from Card Packs, sold by Card Girl and Merchant Miguel. These packs will not always contain 3rd job skill cards. The contents range from Empty Card to character cards. Each pack contains 3 cards, but each may be a different card. Newly added skills can now be obtained via several ways, be it monster drops, NPC quests, or new Card Packs:


3rd Job Initial Release

Card Girl and Merchant Miguel sell Card Packs Card Packs: Feoh, Ur, Thorn, Ansur, and Rad.

June 21, 2008 Release

A new Card Pack Ken Card Pack Ken was introduced, along with several skill quests and monster drops.

January 07, 2009 Release

A new Card Pack Wunjo Card Pack Wunjo was introduced, along with new skill quests and monster drops.

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