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Megalo Snipe Hunt is an event that happens every Monday and Wednesday after O/X Quiz. 2 GMs per world will be disguising themselves and hiding out in plain sight all over Caballa Island. Find the GMs to win a prize.


  • GMs will be hiding out in larges areas announced in a server message after O/X Quiz.

  • There will be at least 2 GMs per world hiding in the areas indicated.

  • The GMs will be disguised, but in plain sight. Disguises can be any monster, NPC or pet.

  • If you think something looks out of a place, put your mouse over the suspicious "Thing" to see the "Thing's" true identity.

  • Once Tricksters spot a GM, they need to say the name of the GM and what the GM is disguised as. For example: "GM_Kumiho is Torobbie" or "GM_Loki is Don Giuvanni" or "GM_Grimm is Censer of Morpheus".


  • The first player to type correctly the name of the GM and the disguise wins:

3x GM Disguise Kits, 1x Chaos' Feather Box, 1x Potion Random Box and 5x Disguise Kits

  • Everyone in the vicinity of the GM spotted wins:

5x Disguise Kits

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