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Hat List
Imperian Helm Sunny Hat Mercury Hat Big Bunny Head Ocean Hairband Aquarius Circlet Blue Pop Cap Shining Crystal Helmet
In-Game In-Game Event MyShop MyShop Event/Box Gacha 4G Egg Shop Unique

MyShop Hats

Image:Crystal Hat (MyShop).gifCrystal Hat Form1None0None1,0001N/A
Image:Generous Helmet.gifGenerous Helm Form1None0None1,0001N/A
Image:Phoenix Helmet.gifPhoenix Helm Form1None0None1,0001N/A
Image:V-Chan's Hairpin.gifV-Chan's Hairpin1None0None1,0001N/A
Image:White Tiger Helmet.gifWhite Tiger Helmet Form1None0None1,0001N/A
Image:Cork Helmet.gifCork Helmet1DP +22DP, HP, HV, Air Resist1,4002DP
Image:Willow Hat.gifWillow Hat5HP +60 DP +123AC, MD, LK, HP2,7003DP
Image:Generous Helmet.gifGenerous Helmet15MA +1 MD +13 DP +62DP, MP, HV, Soil Resist2,70010MD
Image:Moon-Lit Helm.gifMoon-Lit Helm15MA +1 MD +8 DP +8 HV +13MA, HV, Dark Resist2,7007DP
Image:Nagging Helmet.gifNagging Helmet15MD +11 DA +1 DP +82DP, DA, HV, Electric Resist2,70010MD
Image:Fragrant Helmet.gifFragrant Helmet15MD +8 DP +11 HV +12MD, HP, HV, Air Resist2,70010DP
Image:Phoenix Helmet.gifPhoenix Helmet15AC +1 MD +6 DP +132MD, HP, HV, Fire Resist2,70010DP
Image:Funky Disco Wig.gifFunky Disco Wig20MD +3 LK +1 DP +102MD, HP, HV, Electric Resist2,7003DP
Image:Diablo Horn.gifDiablo Horn25AC +1 MA +1 MD +5 HP +40 DP +20 3MD, HP, HV, Fire Resist3,60010DP
Image:Turtle Hat.gifTurtle Hat35MA +2 MD +23 DP +212DP, MP, HV, Water Resist3,60022MD
Image:Serpent Crown.gifSerpent Crown35MD +21 DA +2 DP +232DP, DA, HV, Soil Resist3,60022MD
Image:Bizarre Horn.gifBizarre Horn35MD +15 DP +29 HV +22MD, HP, HV, Soil Resist3,60022DP
Image:Confession Hat.gifConfession Hat35AC +2 MD +10 DP +342MD, HP, HV, Soil Resist3,60022DP
Image:Angel's Hat.gifAngel's Hat40MA +1 MD +8 LK +1 DP +21DP, DA, LK, HV5,4008MD
Image:Freesia Hat.gifFreesia Hat40MA +3 MD +16 LK +3 DP +83MA, LK, DP5,40020MD
Image:Apprentice Helmet.gifApprentice Helmet40AC +3 MD +8 DP +16 HV +33AC, MD, LK, HV5,40020DP
Image:White Tiger Helmet.gifWhite Tiger Helmet50HP +40 DP +70 HV +33AC, HP, HV, Air Resist5,40025DP
Image:Acacia Coronet.gifAcacia Coronet50MA +6 MD +323MA, LK, DP, Soil Resist5,40025MD
Image:Crystal Hat (MyShop).gifCrystal Hat50DA +4 DP +563MD, DA, LK, Water Resist5,40025DP
Image:West Wind Hat.gifWest Wind Hat70MA +8 MD +36 LK +13MP, MA, LK, DP5,40035MD
Image:South Wind Hat.gifSouth Wind Hat70DA +6 LK +2 DP +643MP, DA, LK, HP5,40035DP
Image:East Wind Hat.gifEast Wind Hat70LK +2 DP +64 HV +63MP, MD, HP, HV5,40035DP
Image:North Wind Helmet.gifNorth Wind Helmet70AC +5 DX -1 DP +523AC, DX, HP, HV5,40035DP
Image:Blaster Hat.gifBlaster Hat70AC +6 LK +3 DP +483AC, MD, DA, LK5,40035DP
Image:Rockin' Helmet.gifRockin' Helmet90AC +6 DX -2 DP +643AC, DX, MD5,40045DP
Image:Smooth Hat.gifSmooth Hat90AC +5 MD +16 DA +7 LK +4 DP +483AC, MD, DA, LK5,40045DP
Image:Classic Hat.gifClassic Hat90MA +11 MD +22 LK +2 DP +103MP, MA,LK, Light Resist5,40090MD
Image:Pop Cap.gifPop Cap90HP +120 DP +64 HV +103AC, MD, HP, HV5,40045DP
Image:Bamboo Hat.gifBamboo Hat110AC +5 DA +8 LK +5 DP +323AC, DA, LK, MD5,40045DP
Image:Sharon Hat.gifSharon Hat110AC +7 DX -2 HP +150 DP +723AC, DX, MD5,40055DP
Image:Mary's Hat.gifMary's Hat110HP +300 DP +88 HV +113MP, MD, HP, HV5,40055DP
Image:Orchid Hat.gifOrchid Hat110MA +12 MD +48 LK +43MA, LK, DP5,40055MD
Image:Mercury Hat.gifMercury Hat130AC +7 MD +16 DA +11 LK +6 DP +483AC, MD, DA, LK5,40075DP
Image:Saturn Helm.gifSaturn Helm130MA +14 MD +64 LK +5 DP +163MA, LK, DP, Soil Resist5,40065MD
Image:Venus Helm.gifVenus Helm130MD +16 HP +600 DP +80 HV +143AC, MD, HV, LK5,40065DP
Image:Pluto Hat.gifPluto Hat130MA +14 MD +16 LK +8 DP +163MA, LK, HP, Light Resist5,40065MD
Image:Mars Helm.gifMars Helm130AC +13 MD +16 LK +5 HP +120 DP +643AC, MD, LK, Fire Resist5,40065DP
Image:Flying Hat.gifFlying Hat150AC +9 MD +16 DA +12 LK +7 DP +643 AC, MD, DA, LK5,40075DP
Image:MC Headphone.gifMC Headphone150MD +32 HP +900 DP +80 HV +163AC, MD, HV5,40075DP
Image:Philosopher's Hat.gifPhilosopher's Hat150MA +15 MP +300 MD +48 LK +9 DP +323MP, MA, LK5,40075DP
Image:White Snake Bandana.gifWhite Snake Bandana150AC +15 MD +16 DP +64 HV +73AC, MD, HV5,40075DP
Image:Lyr's Helm.gifLyr's Helm170MA +20 MP +150 MD +64 LK +11 DP +323MP, MA, LK, DP, Water Resist5,40085MD
Image:Silpheed Band.gifSilpheed Band170AC +7 MD +32 DA +14 LK +11 DP +643AC, MD, DA, LK, Air Resist5,40085DP
Image:Afrit's Crest.gifAfrit's Crest170AC +22 MD +32 LK +11 DP +483 AC, MD, LK, Fire Resist5,40085DP
Image:Mask of the Titans.gifMask of the Titans170AC +5 MD +32 HP +600 DP +48 HV +233AC, HP, HV, Soil Resist5,40085DP

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