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Speed Accessories
Stallion Sprint Mega Kid Angel Charm Kitty Earring
In-Game Event MyShop MyShop Event/Box

MyShop Speed Accessory

Image:Levitation Charm.gifLevitation Charm1WT -50 LK +1+30%2LK, WT, Electric Resist, Air Resist21,9007
Image:Dashing Sprint.gifDashing Sprint20MA +3 WT -100 LK +2+60%2WT, HV, Air Resist, Electric Resist23,6007
Image:Stallion Sprint.gifStallion Sprint20AP +12 AC +3 DX -1 DP +12 HV +1+70%3AP, HV, Electric Resist, Air Resist23,7007
Image:Gallant Sprint.gifGallant Sprint40AP +80 AC +5 DX -1 HP +600 HV +4+70%3AP, AC, LK, HV43,9007
Image:Snappy Sprint.gifSnappy Sprint40MP +600 MA +5 WT +640DA +5 LK +5+70%3MP, MA, DA, LK43,9007
Image:Mystic Favor.gifMystic Favor90MP +600 MA +10 MD +40 WT +640 LK +8 DA +10 HP +600+80%3MP, MA, DA, LK94,3007
Image:Sign Of Charisma.gifSign Of Charisma90AP +128 AC +8 LK +10 HP +600 HV +10+80%3AP, AC, LK, HV94,3007
Image:Kid Angel's Wing Charm.gifKid Angel's Wing Charm110AP +265 AC +18 LK +16 HP +1,145 HV +16+80%3AP, AC, LK113,9007
Image:Kid Demon's Wing Charm.gifKid Demon's Wing Charm110MP +1,146 MA +18 MD +82 WT +1,018 DA +16 LK +16 HP +764+80%3MP, MA, DA, LK113,9007
Image:Kid Angel's Strong Charm.gifKid Angel's Strong Charm130AP +304 AC +20 LK +18 HP +1,200 HV +18+80%3AP, AC, LK, HV133,9007
Image:Kid Demon's Strong Charm.gifKid Demon's Strong Charm130MP +1,200 MA +22 MD +96 DA +20 LK +18 HP +900+80%3MP, MA, DA, LK133,9007
Image:Kid Angel Speedy Wing Charm.gifKid Angel Speedy Wing Charm150AP +352 AC +23 DX -2 LK +8 HP +900 HV +23+90%3AP, AC, LK, HV153,9007
Image:Kid Demon Speedy Wing Charm.gifKid Demon Speedy Wing Charm150AC +19 MP +600 MA +23 DA +22 LK +23 HP +300+90%3AC, MA, DA, LK153,9007
Image:Mega Kid Angel Charm.gifMega Kid Angel Charm170AP +400 AC +26 DX -2 LK +10 HP +1020 DP +96 HV +26+90%3AP, AC, LK, HV173,9007
Image:Mega Kid Demon Charm.gifMega Kid Demon Charm170AC +22 MP +660 MA +26 DA +25 LK +26 HP +330+90%3AC, MA, DA, LK173,9007
Image:Blue Objet d'Art.gifBlue Objet d'Art190AC +25 MP +738 MA +29 DA +28 LK +29 HP +369+90%3MP, MA, DA, LK193,9007
Image:Red Objet d'Art.gifRed Objet d'Art190AP +447 AC +29 DX -3 LK +11 HP +1,140 DP +104 HV +29+90%3AP, AC, LK, HV193,9007
Image:Orange Shoestring.gifOrange Shoestring230AP +544 AC +34 DX -4 LK +12 HP +1,350 DP +128 HV +34+90%3AP, AC, LK, HV234,2007
Image:Red Shoestring.gifRed Shoestring230AC +30 MP +910 MA +35 DA +34 LK +35 HP +464+90%3AC, MA, DA, LK234,2007

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