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Patch 2011-12-08

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2.84.2 Patch Notes

Game Updates

1] Chaos Tower has been revamped! Head to Gate of Caballa Relics and speak with Poirot to get started!

2] The Return of the Tower event has started! Check out the event page for more details!

3] Refine and Mature Compound Event is on! Rates are up and costs are down!

4] Amelie has been promoted to a Bard! Collect all her items and receive a special Halo!

5] New Gear Forging System. Upgrade Chaos, Requiem, and Altiverse Equipment, 2 pieces of equipment enter only one will leave! Available Through Professor Komby in the Chaos tower!

6] New Title System. This handy feature located on your MyView page shows you available titles, how you got them and allows you to apply them.

Game Adjustments

1] The residents of Caballa Island have worked hard to decorate Megalopolis into a winter wonderland! Also, some of them have gotten into the holiday spirit by wearing festive hats!

2] Tempering has been fixed.

3] Boxer Lina Information Image has been adjusted.

My Shop Update

1] Bard Sheep Boxes are now available in level 60, 180, 240 variants.

2] Reidentifiers are now permanently available.


1] Rewards for the 5th Anniversary Level Up event have been distributed to qualifying players.

2] Rewards for collecting the Boxer Bunny set have been distributed to qualifying players.

3] The 5th Anniversary Jacket have been redistributed with correct amount of time.

4] Rewards for the Winter Daily Quest Master Event will be distributed during the next major maintenance.

5] Rewards for Special Gacha The Fallen and the Redeemed will be distributed at a later date this week.

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