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Pet Item Hunt

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Pet Item Hunt

Pet Item Hunt is a new function in which you send one of your pets to collect items from a map by itself, the items collected are randomly chosen from the ones that can be drilled in that map. Only pets with 3, 4 or 5 stars can be used for Pet Item Hunt, it's number of stars affects the number of items they can carry and how fast and how likely it is that they find an item, also higher level pets can hunt in higher level maps.

You can be on any map while your pet is hunting but you cannot equip that pet while it is away. In order for pets to use the Pet Item Hunt system you must use one of the Pet Item Hunt consumable items.

How to use Pet Item Hunt

To use the system you must first go to the map from which you want to collect items and right click on your character.


Click on the icon to open the Pet Item Hunt window, then give a pet that you have on your inventory one of the Pet Item Hunt consumable items, either Pet Rice Ball, Pet Drink or Pet Ice Cream, the speed at wich items are foud depends of the type of consumable.


The number of Pet Item Hunt consumable items is the maximum of items that your pet will get according to the stars a pet has there is a chance they might use a consumable and not get an item and once a pet inventory is full they'll inmedietly stop hunting. You cannot see what items your pet has found until you call it back.


Click on the Return button in the Pet Item Hunt window to make that pet come back. After your pet is back, you can click on the collected items, choose the Move option on any items you want keep or Delete to get rid of those items. All items not moved to the inventory will be deleted if you register a new pet, you log out, or you close the window.

Pet Rank & Level

Pets can only carry a limited amount of items and only have a certain chance to get an item each time they use a consumable, these are determined by their star rank, with only pets with 3, 4 or 5 star able to use the Pet Item Hunt system at all.

Pet Rank Inventory Collection Rate
3 stars 100 70%
4 stars 200 80%
5 stars 300 90%

Also pets are only able to hunt in certain maps according to their level, pets with a higher level are able to hunt in lower level maps too.

Ex Item Hunt

This function is only available to a few pets all of which come from random boxes whose items have a special icon, note that the pets themselves do not have this icon


If a pet capable of this function that is sent hunting without any filtering except for event items has a chance of obtaining rare items, some of which cannot be obtained any other way

Among this items are.

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