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Pink Potion A

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Pink Potion A

Image:Pink Potion A.png

Image:Pink Potion A.gif
Compound Ability Weight Value Required Time
None 2 30 Lv.0 N/A
HP Recovery medicine for sale made by Megalo Company.
Usable for HP 100 recovery.
Give 100 health points when double-clicked.
How to Obtain

Buy in Coral Town - Blooming Cora (15G), Gate of Desert Beach (30G), Paradise Shop (30G), Gate of Black Swamp (30G), Carbigal Shop (30G), Phantom Snack Bar (30G), Spicy Island (30G), Gate of Chaos Spire (60G), Gate of Fading Tower (60G), Gate of Lighthouse of Chaos (60G), Gate of Rose Garden Tower (60G).
Win reward from Indiana John - Daily Quest - Coral Beach (all seasons).
Drill in Coral Beach Fields, Coral Beach - Dark Cave (Master Mong's Lair), Gate of Desert Beach, Desert Beach Fields, Pyramid Dungeon Halls, Fiesta Zone 1 - Gate of Sand Alert, Fiesta Zone 1 - Sand Alert, Path to Desert Beach, Path to Phantom School, Chaos Spire Floors, Fading Tower Floors, Lighthouse of Chaos Floors, Rose Garden Tower Floors.
Take from Coral Beach Monsters, Desert Beach Monsters.

Used for
Bunny Maid - Transfer to Coliseum Waiting Room.
Contents (one of these)
Teleport Locations
Tradable Bankable Droppable Sellable (to NPC)
Yes Yes Yes Yes

Equipment Equipments Pets Pets Drills Drills Use Items Use/Etc. Items Image:Apricot Dart.gif Ammunition

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