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Image:Rockin' Sword.gif Swords Image:Smooth Dagger.gif Knives Image:Pluto Staff.gif Canes Image:Blaster Gun.gif Guns Image:White Angel.gif Pets
Image:Mary's Hat.gif Hats Image:White Snake Shield.gif Shields Image:Black Cape.gif Capes Image:Front Protection.gif Innerwears
Image:Phoenix Pouch.gif Acc. Image:Mystic Favor.gif Speed Acc. Image:Tiny Moon Hat.gif Head Acc. Image:Odd Eyes.gif Face Acc.
Image:Love Box.gif Boxes Image:Memory Port.gif Spec. Items Image:Secret Scroll (Power).gif Scrolls Image:G2 Blue Potion.gif Pots/Change
Image:Angel Drill Jr..gif Drills Image:Super Charming Color.gif Hair Dye Image:Lime Hoodie.gif Fashion Image:Artisan's Flame.gif Item Enh.

Special Items

Image:Friend Finder.gifFriend Finder20 for 3.000 Pts.Allows you to teleport to a friend. Certain maps like boss rooms are excluded.
Image:Gacha Coin.gifGacha Coin1 for 1,000 Pts.
5 for 5,000 Pts.
11 for 10,000 Pts.
23 for 20,000 Pts.
Allows you to drill in a gacha town
Image:Memory Port.gifMemory Port20 for 2.900 Pts.Allows you to save a selected spot and teleport there when used.
There is a maxium of 5 slots that can be used.
A slot can be removed by deleting the saved spot
Image:Mic.gifMic8.000 Pts.Allows you to say something everyone on the same map can hear by double clicking this item or typing /Microphone.
Image:Portable Port AD.gifPortable Port AD30 for 2.700 Pts.Teleport Device
Image:Recharge Coupon.gifRecharge Coupon1 for 200 Pts.
30 for 2,700 Pts.
100 for 7.000 Pts.
Allows you to recharge expired items. Note: Items vary on how many recharge coupons needed.
Image:Star Tears.gifStar Tears1 for 600 Pts.
5 for 2.000 Pts
Extends Stella's fortune by 2 hours when used.
Image:Store-More Permit.gifStore-More Permit4.500 Pts.Allows you expand your warehouse by 8 slots.
Image:Super Gacha Coin.gif25 Super Gacha Coins25 for 15,000 Pts.Allows you to drill in a gacha town (Only released for a short period)
Image:Time Capsule Ticket.gifTime Capsule Ticket5.000 Pts.Allows you to freeze 1 character

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