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Throwing Weapons List

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Throwing Weapons

Level 1 - 55

IconNameLevelThrow APObtainedValueWeight
Image:Big Needle.gifBig Needle1020Shops301
Image:Big Needle.gifSuper Big Needle1030Compounder Nadia: 1x Big Needle, 1x Pointy Object301
Image:Stalactite.gifStalactite1525Monster: Cone Stone506
Image:Discus.gifDiscus2040Compounder Nadia: 1x Coin, 1x Letter of Fortune1010
Image:Fire Needle.gifFire Needle2040Shops602
Image:Fire Needle.gifSuper Fire Needle2050Compounder Nadia: 1x Fire Needle, 1x Pointy Object602
Image:Piece of Stone.gifPiece of Stone2535Drilling: Coral Dungeon, Ghost Blue102
Image:Dart.gifDart3050Compounder Nadia: 1x Rusty Nail, 1x Cocos Nucifera's Shell2020
Image:Bone Needle.gifBone Needle3060Shops903
Image:Bone Needle.gifSuper Bone Needle3075Compounder Nadia: 1x Bone Needle, 1x Pointy Object903
Image:Steel Piece.gifSteel Piece3545Monster: Torpedo Fish10010
Image:Repaired Sword.gifShuriken4060Compounder Nadia: 1x Rusty Chain, 1x Three-Leafed Clover, 1x Twinkle Star (Etc.)3030
Image:Button.gifButton4065Monster: Snowman1,36865
Image:Sharp Leg.gifSharp Leg4565Monster: Forest Mantis27413
Image:Metal Marble.gifMetal Marble50100Shops1505
Image:Metal Marble.gifSuper Metal Marble50125Compounder Nadia: 1x Metal Marble, 1x Round Object1505
Image:Ashtray.gifAshtray5565Drilling: Relics Dungeon, Black Swamp204
Image:Trump.gifTrump5570Monster: Joker1,36465

Level 60 - 110

IconNameLevelThrow APObtainedValueWeight
Image:Gong Marble.gifGong Marble60120Shops, Monsters: Chimu, Inky Muck, Merman Aku, Merman Ale, Electric Snail1806
Image:Gong Marble.gifSuper Gong Marble60155Compounder Nadia: 1x Gong Marble, 1x Round Object1806
Image:Ancient Feather Pen.gifEagle Feather Pen6580Drilling: Rose Garden Fields4015
Image:Double-Shielded Marble.gifDouble-Shielded Marble70140Shops, Monsters: Super Golden Mole, Maiden Ghost, Water Weed Witch, Dancer Michel, Chameleon Frog2107
Image:Double-Shielded Marble.gifSuper Double-Shielded Marble70190Compounder Nadia: 1x Double-Shielded Marble, 1x Round Object2107
Image:Small Cannonball.gifSmall Cannonball7080Monster: Fossil Soldier1,31863
Image:Aldehid.gifAldehid75100Monster: Aabon4,018191
Image:Dry Ice.gifDry Ice80100Drilling: Blue Ice Dungeon6060
Image:Stone Ball.gifStone Ball80100Monster: Orconio3,632173
Image:Neurotoxin.gifNeurotoxin80105Monster: Aabon4,016191
Image:Cross Spear.gifCross Spear90180Shops, Drilling: Rose Field 1 - Stairway to Sorrow, Rose Field 2 - Maze of Black Rose2709
Image:Cross Spear.gifSuper Cross Spear90260Compounder Nadia: 1x Cross Spear, 1x Triangular Object2709
Image:Roll Book.gifRoll Book90100Drilling: Phantom School407
Image:Empty Coke Bottle.gifEmpty Coke Bottle90110Monster: Santa Bear1,88490
Image:Fresh Bone.gifFresh Bone90120Monster: Kerberos1,89090
Image:Blackboard Eraser.gifBlackboard Eraser100110Drilling: Phantom School25010
Image:Hook Spear.gifHook Spear100200Shops, Monsters: Myconid, Curse Straw, Madam Chiffon30010
Image:Hook Spear.gifSuper Hook Spear100300Compounder Nadia: 1x Hook Spear, 1x Triangular Object30010
Image:Holy Water Marble.gifHoly Water Marble105125Drilling: Vampire Castle30016
Image:Three-Pointed Spear.gifThree-Pointed Spear110220Shops, Monsters: Joker, Blue Goblin, Snowman33011
Image:Three-Pointed Spear.gifSuper Three-Pointed Spear110340Compounder Nadia: 1x Three-Pointed Spear, 1x Triangular Object33011
Image:Ink.gifInk110130Monster: Inky Muck63030
Image:Heated Iron Piece.gifHot Iron110140Drilling: Tapasco Volcano Fields8080

Level 120+

IconNameLevelThrow APObtainedValueWeight
Image:Icicle.gifIcicle120150Monster: Icicler2,585123
Image:Brown Rosary.gifBrown Rosary120140Monster: Frozen Corpse92444
Image:Red Rosary.gifRed Rosary130150Monster: Ugly Corpse1,05050
Image:Ring.gifRing130260Shops, Drilling: Swamp Dungeon, Snow Field 1 - Merry Christmas39013
Image:Ring.gifSuper Ring130430Compounder Nadia: 1x Ring, 1x Hook Object39013
Image:Thorny Ring.gifThorny Ring140280Shops, Monsters: Daze, Kerberos, Model Skeleton42014
Image:Thorny Ring.gifSuper Thorny Ring140475Compounder Nadia: 1x Thorny Ring, 1x Hook Object42014
Image:Ice Dumbbells.gifIce Dumbbells150200Monsters: Freyr5,320253
Image:Saw Blade Ring.gifSaw Blade Ring150300Shops, Monsters: Laki, Yeti, Bone Fighter45015
Image:Saw Blade Ring.gifSuper Saw Blade Ring150525Compounder Nadia: 1x Saw Blade Ring, 1x Hook Object45015
Image:Red Light.gifRed Fire160220Monster: Red Salamander6,980166
Image:Ice Earring.gifIce Earring170250Boss Monster: Queen Odinea61,200971
Image:Dagger (Throw Item).gifDagger170340Drilling: Techichi Field 1, Snow Field 3 - Stairway of Snowflake51017
Image:Super Dagger.gifSuper Dagger170630Compounder Nadia: 1x Dagger (Throw Item), 1x Sharp Piece51017
Image:Willow Dagger.gifWillow Dagger180360Monsters: Aabon, Fire Moth54018
Image:Willow Dagger.gifSuper Willow Dagger180685Compounder Nadia: 1x Willow Dagger, 1x Sharp Piece54018
Image:Fir Dagger.gifFir Dagger190380Drilling: Ice Dungeon 1 - Cave of Dark Blue, Ice Dungeon 2 - Cave of Crystal, Techichi Field 457019
Image:Fir Dagger.gifSuper Fir Dagger190740Compounder Nadia: 1x Fir Dagger, 1x Sharp Piece57019
Image:Apricot Dart.gifApricot Dart200400Monsters: Red Salamander, Coolem, Funky Orc60020
Image:Apricot Dart.gifSuper Apricot Dart200800Compounder Nadia: 1x Apricot Dart, 1x Sharp Piece60020
Image:Fireball.gifSlag Orb200280Monster: Fire Golem8,120193
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